Thursday, July 31, 2014

Court date

This morning we dropped all three boys off at Preston's Dad's apartment, which is just around the other side of the building from our apartment.  It is very close considering there are only four apartments in our building.  We took the 8:30 bus to Kiliya to meet our adoption facilitator.  We arrived  a little early so we spent some time walking through the local market and had the most delicious peach.  I am going to miss all of the fresh fruits and veggies from local farmers.  Once we met our facilitator we walked over to the court to turn in all our paperwork to apply for a court date.  After meeting with the clerk she asked him to come back at 2:00.  The three of us walked around the town for a while and then went into a local restaurant.  The facilitator went back at 2:00 to finish applying for the court date.  We were given August 8th at 10:00 a.m.

What to pray for now:
-Monday is Logan's birthday!  Please pray he has a great day and feels very special.  I think it will be a little hard for him to be away from friends and family on his special day.
-Tuesday Karis will be back at the orphanage.  Please pray for our continued bonding.
-Friday is our court date.  Please pray everything will go smoothly.  Also, after we have a successful court date Karis will go back to the orphanage for 10 days.  We have the legal right to ask for these 10 days to be waived if it is in the best interest of our child.  We will be asking for the waiver of the 10 days so she can get settled and things rolling for school more quickly.  This will also allow the boys to stay here for the entire process.

Thank y for all your prayers and support!

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