Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adoption Petition Approval

We received our adoption petition approval from the DFC in Kiev today!  Our adoption facilitator is on the overnight train from Kiev to Odessa and will then take a taxi to Kiliya in the morning.  Preston and I will hop on the bus from Izmail to meet him in Kiliya to start the process going on getting our court date.  Please join us in praying for the quickest court date possible.  We even prayed today that they would just have an opening tomorrow and we could get it taken care of right then.  Preston's Dad arrived today.  We are all really enjoying having him here.  He will babysit the boys tomorrow while we are in Kiliya.

We are enjoying our time in Izmail.  We decided to take several pictures of the beautiful town.

Flowers outside our apartment.
All the boys love to swing.
There is a lot of outdoor eating at the restaurants in the park.
Stray dogs are everywhere!
This park is the length of the entire city and runs down the middle of the main street.
An ambulance.
In an earlier post I showed the tractor pulling a lot of Kvas tanks.  Here is a vendor selling the drink.
The boys love to play on these playgrounds located throughout the city.
Two to three times a week we shop at the local market.  They have everything....we even saw kitchen sinks there.  We love getting fresh fruits, veggies and Greek yogurt there.  It is really yummy.

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