Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Vacation: Day 1

Yesterday was our first day of summer vacation.  We packed our day with tons of FUN!!!  After breakfast the boys spent tons of time in the playroom.  Logan carried Nathan a lot while they were playing and held him up to get hugs several times.  I just love how much Logan loves his brothers.

This was also the day the new Homewood Pool opened.  The boys all loved it and Logan especially loved the new water park area.  I can't take Nathan and Owen to that part by myself, but Preston is coming with us today so they will be able to experience it too!

After the pool we stopped home for a quick lunch and a change into dry clothes.  We then headed to the theater to watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  All four of us thought it was a really cute movie.

Once we were back home we decided to have some sprinkler fun in the front yard.  All the boys enjoyed it more than I thought they would.  This kept them entertained for about 1 hour.  It was then time to dry off, change clothes and eat dinner.

After their dinner we headed to the Hays' house.  The boys had so much fun playing with the Hays' three kids.  Preston and I had a chance to sneak away on a date!  We had a picnic dinner, long walk and some bubble tea.  It was awesome and a great way to celebrate our 13th anniversary on Monday.  Thanks Shaun and Melissa for giving all five of us such a great evening.

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