Monday, May 26, 2014


This weekend our family and the Tolbert family went camping together at Lake Guntersville.  This was the first time camping for Nathan and Owen and the first time I had gone camping in years!  Preston and Logan have gone a few times over the past couple of years.  We thought camping would be a great family activity a couple times a year so we bought a tent, sleeping bags, floor mats, etc.  We all had a wonderful time.

Preston and Owen are putting up the tent.
 Makala and Logan loved playing lots of different games together.
 Olivia, Mason and Nathan are checking out the lake.
 Logan had his own private area in the tent.  They are having so much fun in there.
 On the other side of the divider Owen and Mason are having a great time.
 Logan found lots of shells in the lake.

 Logan and Makala spent every moment playing together.

 After swimming Sunday afternoon the boys are ready for dinner.

 Unfortunately Owen did not make it and ended up going to bed before he ate.

 Mason and Nathan played with glow wands while waiting for dinner.

 Eating some strawberry shortcake together.
 These geese were hungry and wanted some food!

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