Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Owen's EEG pt 2

Owen did really well during his stay at Children's Hospital.  He thought so too.  When we were in the lobby leaving the hospital he said, "I did it".

Last year Owen's communication skills flourished.  He knew all his animal sounds, colors, could sing the character roll call on Mickey Mouse Club House and lots more.  Starting last fall Owen started digressing verbally.  He got to the point where he was not communicating and showed no real emotions.  He is definitely making progress back from his lowest point in December, but we are still very far from where he was at the beginning of last year.  We have seen his physiatrist, had a CT scan (which looked good), seen his neurologist, had a 30 minute EEG and now completed a 24 hour EEG. Owen showed nothing of concern during his 24 hour EEG.  They were looking to see if he had a lot of neurological spiking during deep sleep and he had none. He also is not having seizures. I spoke with Owen's neurologist today and he said it is just going to be a wait and see for a while.  Some kids with CP go through times like this and regain their skills and others go through time like this and never regain their previous skills.

It may seem as if we have a problem with no answer.  We don't know how to fix Owen and neither do any of his doctors.  There is one who does know how to fix Owen, the one who created him.  I know God will lead Owen's development in a way that glorifies Him in Owen's life.  I know that Owen will communicate perfectly.  God has proved Himself faithful in Owen's entire life and I know He will do it again.

-Owen was born the third triplet at 24 weeks (the one with the least chance of survival).  A single birth baby at 24 weeks has an 8% chance of Owen's was far less.  God saved him for a reason.
-Owen was not breathing after he was born.  God sustained him long enough until he got on all the necessary machines.
-Owen's heart did not close and after three rounds of medication it still was not closing.  A little while later it closed on its own.  God closed it.
-Owen's creatinine levels were too high and his kidney's were not functioning properly.  They just started working well on their own one day.  God regulated those levels.
-Owen had moderate hearing loss and had to wear hearing aids for 1 year.  Now, Owen's hearing is normal and his last hearing test two weeks ago was the best yet.  God healed Owen's ears.
-Owen's GI doctor wanted to do a fundliplocation (sew his stomach and esophagus together) and give him a g-tube because he was having such bad digestive issues.  Owen was just lactose intolerant.  God showed us this before we went through with the surgery.
-Owen had digressed verbally....God will faithfully write his answer.

Please join us in prayer for God to restore Owen verbally and take him further than we can even imagine.

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