Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Owen's EEG pt 1

Tuesday morning at 11:00 we were admitted to Children's Hospital for Owen to participate in his 24 hour EEG.  We had lots of good time to read books, people watch and just count while we sat in admitting until 12:30 when our room became available and the transfer team came to pick us up.

We were taken to a nice corner room on the 10th floor.  Here is a look at our view.

Around 2:30 Owen was completely hooked up and ready to go.  
He has been happy for the most part.  We have spent time watching Wreck it Ralph,  playing on the iPad and reading books.  Now he is asleep.  Hopefully we can sleep through the night with minimal interruptions!

On an unrelated note/ thank you for your prayers regarding our mortgage letter for the adoption.  The company called today and has agreed to write the now.

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