Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Love Christmas Vacation

I absolutely love Christmas vacation.  I love all this extra time with my boys at home.  We have the best time playing together.  I am already looking forward to our all day/every day time together over spring break and this summer.  Here are just a dew photos of the week.
 Nathan loves playing with his new singing piggy bank and to point to the letters in his name on his mini magnadoodle.
 Logan was so excited to hold up Nathan.  They had a great time playing together.
 No nuts in Nathan's diet seems to be the answer.  The past few days he has eaten so much better.  No gagging and no refusal.

As always the boys and I did some painting this week.  Logan did a fantastic solar system that I will put pictures up soon.  Nathan and Owen did these incredible ones.  Owen and I did hand over hand where Nathan did his all on his own,
 We enjoyed lots of fun time in the play room.  This activity inspired me to take the boys to the real bowling alley tomorrow.  They love real bowling.

 New Years Eve we had some friends over.  The Bargers and the Giles.  We all had an great time and all the kids played so wonderfully together!

 Logan stayed up to 12:06 so he saw the crystal ball drop in NY and the Moon Pie drop in Mobile.

 This afternoon we took the boys on a bike/scooter ride.  They all really enjoyed themselves!

 Just so proud of Nathan's eating.  He ate an entire plate of this mac and cheese tonight.

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