Monday, December 30, 2013

Adoption Update

Here is the latest on our adoption.
-Preston has his individual home study interview Thursday at 2:00.
-We are in the middle of our Hague training.  We are doing one module a night so we should be finished with by next Monday.
-Our medical exams are scheduled for next Thursday.
-We are attending Crossings.  A 1 1/2 day seminar on raising an internationally adopted, older, specially needs child in mid-January.
-We are in the middle of reading the Connected Child by Karyn Pervis.  This is an EXCELLENT book.  We are learning so much through all of this on-line education.  I can definitely see the value in all of it and we will be way more prepared for parenting our new child.

Several of you have asked for ways to support our adoption financially.  There is a link on the blog to our Pure Charity adoption fundraising website.  You can also visit it by clicking here.  You can write a check and send it directly to Lifeline (our adoption agency), you can send the check to us or you can enjoy some yummy coffee while supporting us.  (some of the proceeds of coffee sales come directly to us for the adoption)  Click here for a link to the coffee.

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