Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Joyful giver....

God is teaching me so much through my 7 year old, Logan.  (Yesterday was known as giving day...starting the end of the year giving push for great causes). This Christmas season God is really working in Logan's heart to give to orphans.  While he wishes we could adopt all of them...not sure we have enough room for 150 million more people at our house...he wants to do what he can to help.  The two areas where he is focused on helping orphans are the Ukraine with the adoption of his sister and the Eskhaleni Care Point in Swaziland, where our church is working.  Now how is a 7 year old going to impact the lives of orphans half way around the world you may  No, Logan does not have a big stash of money in the bank or a money tree in our backyard.  What he does have is a desire to help, knowledge of how to bake cookies and Christmas presents.  Next Saturday he will have his annual cookie party.  All donations given at the party will go towards the adoption of his sister from Ukraine.  He has also asked for Santa to bring him two small gifts and to give everything else he would have received to the orphans in Swaziland.  Logan's spirit to joyfully give is a great lesson to me.

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