Wednesday, December 11, 2013

...and now we can relax...

This week has been extremely busy tomorrow will be my first day to go for a run!

Preston and I are working diligently on our adoption.  We picked up the pace starting this past Friday night in anticipation of the first visit of our home study.  Our awesome friends, Jennifer and Michael Bowden drove out late Friday and stayed until late Saturday to help us prepare our house.  In just 24 hours the 4 of us transformed our den.  We are really enjoying the new look!  We also spent time installing more smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors...and some deep cleaning.

The home study went very well.  Mostly it was an interview and at the end our social worker walked through our house.  We also turned in many forms.  Next we are writing our autobiographies and will then schedule our individual interviews, scheduling our medical exams and continuing to learn Russian.  We also sat down a few nights ago and filled out a form of what special needs we would accept.  Special needs are a blessing from God.  Just a few of the areas we are willing to accept: minor CP, deaf, hearing loss, extra/missing/webbed digits and limbs, heart murmur, etc.  As of right now, we broadened our age range to 6 years-12 years.

Tonight we also enjoyed our annual Christmas Party with the boys we visit every month at Glenwood.  Tons of food, presents, a visit from Santa, singing, sharing of Luke 2 and a special piano performance from Logan filled the night.  Logan was so excited to play his Christmas concert songs on the piano.  He did a great job sharing his talent with everyone.  This was the first time we have ever taken our boys with us.  (just because of the life situations of these boys it is usually best to be older.)  We felt this was a good time to bring Logan and he made some instant friends.  A lot of the boys asked if they could see him again.  I love how children just love each other regardless of life situations.  I am sure this will become an annual tradition for the boys...which is very exciting to me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

...And now I can relax a little...

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