Monday, November 25, 2013

Extra Fun Times with Logan

On Friday Logan's class held a Thanksgiving Feast.  Turkey, cornbread, green beans and pumpkin pie were on the plate of each child in his class.  His teacher wanted everyone to experience the first Thanksgiving meal, just as they have been learning about it.
 Logan was an indian.  He wrote several messages on his clothing.
 The indians and the pilgrims sat together for the feast.
 Each weekend a child in Logan's class has the opportunity to bring home the class mascot, Bucky.  Logan was fortunate enough to have Bucky over Thanksgiving break.  The two quickly started having fun times and making memories together.  Bucky had a light saber duel with Logan and he won.
 Bucky came with our family to the Samford game on Saturday.
 He enjoyed sliding down the hill in the stadium with Logan.
 The weather was pretty cold.  I ran home and grabbed some blankets so we could enjoy the game without freezing to death.
 Logan is off of school all week.  Today and tomorrow Nathan and Owen still have school.  Logan and I spent several hours with Bucky outside this morning playing in our backyard.  Bucky is quite the hiker.

While we were hiking in the backyard I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

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