Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Swimming/Orlando Science Museum/Downtown Disney

After a morning at the pool we headed to the Orlando Science Museum for the afternoon.
They had tons of displays on the science of sound.  It was very interesting!
Everyone enjoyed a turn playing on these big pipes.
Logan sped his car down the hill lots of times.  Nathan and Owen were thrilled to watch them race down.
Logan became a part of the Blue Man Group.
Nathan and Owen join in on the belly drums...using their hands.
This is Logan on the screen.  As you walk by it starts to play the keys on the piano. It was very neat.  We were all entertained by it.

Last night we went to Downtown Disney.  Nathan LOVED all the different bands playing.  He sure does love music.  Owen also enjoyed his stroll.  He loves people watching.  Logan was completely enthroned with the Lego store.  After he found what he wanted, a Lego watch with an Anakin Skywalker action figure, we spent the next 30+ minutes just walking around the store.  When Logan was picking his purchase I joking pointed out the Death Star to Preston (Logan could not see me).  A little while later someone asked the price of the Death Star.  $400.  Glad Logan did not ask for it.

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