Saturday, August 10, 2013

photo highlights

Preston made this incredible Star Destroyer cake for Logan's party.

 These are our pool noodle light sabers.
 Owen and Nathan really enjoyed the party.

 Logan and Oma light saber fighting.
 Logan and Walter light saber fighting.
 Me and PaPa light saber flighting.

 Preston and Brian (Preston's brother) light saber fighting

 Preston and I light saber fighting.
 Logan and Evan light saber fighting.
 Eating pizza
 Logan blowing out his candle.

 Darth Vador
 After Logan's birthday party we got in the car for a surprise trip!!  He had no idea we were going anywhere.  This is the picture of the backseat when they realized it was Disney.  (they learned that from the big Disney sign as we drove in to the park)

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