Thursday, July 4, 2013

Michigan Adventure: Day 6

This morning we explored Houghton and Copper Harbor.  My Grandpa James (mom's Dad) was born and raised in Houghton.  
We enjoyed a picnic lunch at this really cool park.
Unfortunately Owen was really tired and this is how he spent his time at the park.
Next we visited an old copper mine my great great Grandfather work in.
We made a few stops on the drive to Copper Harbor to enjoy the scenery.

My Dad perfecting his rock skipping skills.  He is really good and can skip them up to 6 times.
Logan, Nathan and Preston
Owen loves putting his feet in the water. When we left he kept crying "I need water".
Nathan is waiting for his dinner.  Our schedule is all messed up.  It is 8:30 and we are just now eating. It does not get dark until 11:00 pm.
Getting ready for the fireworks.
The boys loved the fireworks.  Owen kept saying yay, boom and lights.  Nathan danced most of the time and Logan had a blast watching.

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