Thursday, April 4, 2013

No more tonsils for Owen

Tuesday morning Owen had his tonsils out and while they had him in surgery they decided to put in a new set of ear tubes too.  He is doing really well.  They brought us back to recovery and he was talking to us as soon as we got there.  Due to Owen's history, all procedures are done at the main Children's Hospital and all include a one night stay.  That day for lunch he drank milk and ate apple sauce and mashed potatoes...same for dinner.  We enjoyed watching Tangled and Cars 2 together.  We were able to leave his room for about one hour and we walked all over the hospital and stopped by Children's Harbor and read some books in the library (not sure why we never stopped in their while Nathan was there in the NICU.  It would have been a great place to entertain Logan.)  He did well yesterday.  Today he is mostly back to his old self.  We played gait trainer basketball, read books, played with toys and he told me multiple times when he wanted to eat.  (He is really enjoying eating yogurt now...just small amounts at a time.) Thanks for all of your prayers.

Next up Nathan...April 15th leg surgery.  He is having his hip flexers, adductors and hamstrings lengthened.  He is also having his calf muscles botoxed.

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