Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fun day

Since April is the month of surgeries we decided to have an extra fun Saturday this weekend.  We gave Logan several options and he choose LegoLand in Atlanta.  Owen loves to say Georgia Tech (which to him means any sport, any team) so we decided to go to Georgia Tech while we were in Atlanta.

Owen was so excited when he said bye-bye to Georgia Tech and we said yes we are going there.
The only sport occurring yesterday afternoon was women's tennis.  We all really enjoyed watching them and would definitely go again.

For lunch we met our friends, Rob and Katie at Centennial Olympic Park.  We had a wonderful time visiting and the kids all played together so well.  Nathan loved walking around the park.  He kept walking towards the fountains, but since I did not have extra clothes, we did not let him go in.

Nathan walking around the park

After lunch Nathan enjoyed playing on the blanket.

The men with all the kids

The women with all the kids.

Later in the afternoon we made it to LegoLand.  It was a fun experience.  Logan enjoyed everything.  Nathan really loved watching the wheel racing and the movie.  Owen enjoyed the movie and crashing Preston's lego creations.

The city of Atlanta in Miniature Land.

Building with Legos helps any line go by quickly.
Logan and I rode this fun ride.

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