Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nathan is sick

Please pray for Nathan. He is really sick. He almost had a trip back to the hospital last night and has a short list of stuff that will land him back in the hospital tonight. Since surgery he has had an elevated heart rate and breathing trouble from time to time. Today he started running a fever, which will spike up to 104. We spent a couple hours at the pediatrician today and some test were run. He has a really low white blood cell count and a really high some other number. He also tested positive for flu a and b (yes, he had a flu shot) which is usually the masking of some other virus (I forgot the name). They could test for that particular virus but it takes a week for the results. So, we are treating for it. We have a follow-up tomorrow at the pediatrician and Nathan is on a heart/lung monitor tonight. God is in complete control of Nathan and his body. Please pray for healing. His surgery site is tender but looks really good.

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