Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This post is a little bit random in the amount of scattered thoughts.

1). We have decided to do the second cochlear implant for Nathan. So, we will start the road again. It is 2-6 months away, depending on different things we need to get done. Please pray for the timing of the implant and for insurance coverage. Last time we got a letter stating they were not confirming or denying payment on the upcoming surgery. Thankfully last time they did pay.

2). We put Nathan on 5ml 2x/day of Baclofen. This was to help with his startle reflex and some of his jumpiness. Since Sunday we have already notices a difference in his ability to stay calm and not jittery. We are very exciting. He is getting so much stronger and was able to bench sit for about 10 minutes, only falling back once.

3). Owen worked on sitting this morning too and did well.

4). I mentioned several months that I was having some problems with foot pain. I have planter fasciitis. Since my pain has seen no relief I am switching from a podiatrist to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in feet. I have an appointment next Tuesday.

5). Both boys have new leg splints. They don't mind them at all. Both of them, especially Owen are showing improvement just from wearing them this past week.

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