Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Day

Today was a wonderful yet busy day. After dropping Logan off at school we stopped by Veteran's Park to let the boys swing for about 50 minutes. We had a good bit of time to kill before Nathan's eye appointment. The appointment is near Logan's school so it made much more sense to have fun at the park than to waste our time riding in the car back home for a few minutes. The boys love swinging and we also squeeze in lots of speech therapy (and they don't even know it).

Nathan's appointment went well. His eyes look good but there is still some separation and drifting. He can have the eye surgery to straighten at any time but we told the doctor since we have the cochlear surgery and a possible leg surgery we would probably wait a while. He thought that was a wise decision.

Nathan and Own enjoyed their class at The Bell Center, as always. They love their friends, therapist, and everyone else there.

Nathan and Owen had their evaluation today at Hall Kent Elementary. The boys were put in separate rooms and Preston and I were asked tons of questions. This evaluation is for speech and classroom behavior. They both had a great time and loved playing. Everyone at Hall Kent is friendly and we are looking forward to beginning the preschool program.

This afternoon Logan and I made a pumpkin spice dip for his class. This week they are studying pumpkin.

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