Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 30

Since we had a day completely free of appointments we went to the zoo this morning. All three boys loved the splash area. It was fun to see all three of them running through the fountains with the other kids. After about one hour of water play we headed to the big barn to look at some animals. Both Nathan and Owen petted goats. Logan loved playing on the tractor. Logan also enjoyed learning about the Corn Snake.

After lunch Logan and I met his friend Caroline and her mom, Erin, at Pump It Up. They had so much fun jumping, playing air hockey and the cyclone tunnel together. After we went to Snow Biz and enjoyed some shaved ice. I think it may become a frequent stop as we travel down 31.

Before bed time Preston read "Big Red Barn" to the boys using all there animal figures. They loved it! I also found an iPad app for interactive Mickey Mouse episodes. Owen LOVES it!

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