Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 19

All three boys really enjoyed playing at the train table together. It was nice to see them interact together. We were also able to work on PT, OT and ST all at the same time.

Late morning we headed to speech therapy at the HEAR Center. CiCi came and spent the morning playing games with Logan. He would much rather hang out with CiCi than go to therapy! I talked a lot with Nathan's therapist about the second implant. We both agreed not to rush things but look at his past audiograms, give him a few more months and see how he develops with his right implant, get a better mapping (we are having another mapping June 28) and she is going to talk with some other therapist at the HEAR Center (they meet on all kids before doing implants). Preston and I are going to pick a time and go ahead and schedule the surgery. The schedule is usually 3 or so months out so we are going to look at our calendar and find the best time. Our therapist suggested scheduling and then we will work on all the other stuff I mentioned above. We can cancel at any time if we decide not to do it. If we decide to do it then we won't have to wait a long time after the decision is made.

We had a fun dinner with our friends Shaun and Melissa and their two kids. Logan was really sad when they had to go home. Since it was storming outside we let Pburdell in for a while. I am a little surprised how quickly Logan has taken ownership of him and wants to be by him all the time. By the end of the night some of us fell asleep on the couch while Preston was working on work at the table.

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