Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 16

During Logan's school year every Friday was Fun Friday (only if you had completed all your work for the week). Today we had Fun Friday to the extreme!!!

It was our last day of KidLife. It was a wonderful last day and everyone really enjoyed it. Logan is so sad we can't keep going. He learned his Bible verses and all the songs and motions. He is talking all about Hometown Heroes sharing the love of God and caring for one another. It is nice to know he was listening so carefully.

After KidLife we has a wonderful lunch with the Mena Family. Dr Mena was one of the boys NICU doctors who we got to know really well. It was so great to catch up again. The NICU is starting a parent support group and Dr Mena asked Preston and I to be a part of the group. We are really excited to be a part of the group.

Later in the afternoon Preston helped Logan to learn to ride his bike. He is still not ready but is increasingly interested and excited to practice.

Tonight we went to a Barron's game. Everyone had a great time. Owen was not too sure about the mascots but we still got a cute picture. All three boys went down the inflatable slide and enjoyed it.

I got a new pair of shoes on the way to the game. My left foot has planters facia (over used) so my heal hurts w/ every step. I had a shot a few months ago but apparently I need another. My right foot is also acting up and my ankle is a little swollen and it sends pain up my leg with every step. This is starting to make for some painful running. Anyway, since I live in flip flops and they are bad for feet I decided to get a good, sturdy shoe to wear this summer.

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