Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 8

This morning Logan chose the option to head to the zoo instead of the pool. The trip was fabulous. The trip would not have been successful without all of Logan's help. First we played in the fountains for about 45 minutes. All three boys had so much fun. Our friends, the Cooks, met us for water play time. Next we were off to the petting zoo/ barn area. For speech this week we are focusing on barnyard animals. It was great to show them the real thing and hear them make the real sound. Of course there was a lot of extra reinforcing from me too. At the end of the petting zoo area Logan enjoyed driving and climbing all over the old tractor. I moved Nathan and Owen close to get a picture with all three. Shortly after snapping the pics Owen started walking. His gait trainer was down in the wood chips so it was some tough exercise. He was really interested on the goat and walked about 10' through the wood chips to get there. Next we saw the giraffes and elephants. Logan was a great helping pushing and playing with his brothers. We were at the zoo 2 hours and they were in the gait trainers the entire time!
On our way to the Children's Zoo.
Owen loved the water!

Logan loves to jump and splash.
Nathan loves running through the water.
Checking out the sheep.
Owen stated to the right of Nathan and walked all the way over to see the goats.

Owen worked so hard to walk over to the goats.

On the old tractor.
Mr Monkey climbing the tires.

Logan driving the old tractor.
Still smiling and having a great time after being at the zoo 2 hours.

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