Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 7

Early this morning Nathan had a bad dream. Preston was up early so he put Nathan in bed with me. This is the first time Nathan has been in our bed. It was such a joy to hold him and have him fall asleep so peacefully. I did not think about it until then but since Nathan can't walk he can't ever just climb into our bed if he is scared. I am glad Preston thought to put him in.

I decided to brave it and take all three kids to the pool. As we were packing up all our floats we noticed Logan's had some big holes in it. So we were off to Walmart to get Logan a new float and the we headed to the pool. We got our new membership cards and now Logan is old enough to have his own card...which he thinks is really cool. All three boys really enjoyed the water and I was able to keep a close eye on all three. We will be headed to the pool again in the morning.

After a quick lunch we headed to Children's South for an ENT visit. Nathan had some bloody drainage in his ear about two weeks ago so this was our follow-up appointment. His ear was looking good but they noticed the tube in his other ear was out. They tried to remove it but it was a little too far in so we are just letting it work itself out for a little bit. We were also sent for a tympanogram and the audiologist was someone I knew from high school! All together we were there for two hours, which did not seem long but apparently the staff thought it was long because they came in with animal crackers and juice boxes for us.

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