Thursday, March 22, 2012

US Space and Rocket Center

As part of our Spring Break Stay-cation we went to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. Logan absolutely loves going there and this time it was even more special since he just spent the past several weeks doing a Space Unit at School. Russ was able to go with us too!!!
A new addition, at least for us, is a big rock climbing wall. Logan has never climbed a rock wall before but to no surprise he was very interested. (Logan is always climbing any tree he can.) He was really good at climbing and absolutely loved it. He climbed until they told him he had to stop because his hands would be sore. Preston and I have talked about taking him to First Avenue Rocks and I think this is just confirmation that we need to do it.
After going through most of the museum we headed outside for both Logan and Russ to do the Space Shot (Logan of course did the kids version). This is his favorite ride there and he probably road it for about 30 minutes. There were just enough kids that everyone could stay on as much as they wanted.I brought along some bubbles and we did some speech therapy while Logan rode his ride. We all got a little thirsty and Nathan enjoyed drinking out of the big water bottle.

Finally we made it into the big Saturn 5 building. I took the boys out of their stroller and they both enjoyed a lot of time walking around (with my assistance). Owen got into one of the astronaut flight stations with Russ and Logan. He really enjoyed it.
Everyone had the best time. Nathan and Owen were pretty warn out and enjoyed a nap on the ride home.

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