Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enjoying a rainy day inside

Here are some quick pics of our rainy day inside. This was a fabulous Spring Break Stay-cation day because so far we have not left the house. That NEVER happens. This morning when Logan woke up he asked if we could stay home all day. It was so nice to finally be able to say yes. Nathan and Owen really enjoyed the time inside and were able to do lots of playing/therapy.

We played school this morning and Logan taught the boys all about Space. We also through in lots of OT with coloring Space pictures and popping bubbles and some ST with airplane sounds, reading books and singing, along with voice commands for more bubbles and the presence and absence of sound.

Nathan and Logan enjoyed cooking together on the floor while Nathan worked on prop-sitting.Owen and Logan enjoyed playing the iPad together while Owen worked on prop-sitting.Logan loves playing on the iPad.Nathan taking some time enjoying the jumper. This toy has served all three of our boys well. They wear it out.Owen enjoys looking at himself in the iPhone.Owen enjoying cruising around in his gait trainer.
Owen loves playing with the Tree House.

Nathan going so fast I can only get blurry photos!!

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