Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lots of Updates

As always, lots of fun is happening in the Hite house. We have enjoyed some beautiful weather the last few days. Yesterday we spent as much time as we could playing in the backyard. Nathan and Owen love swinging and Logan loves playing everywhere. He also really enjoys pushing them on the swings.Logan is really enjoying playing Upward Basketball at Dawson. His games are Saturday mornings at 8:00 and even though he is a late sleeper, he is always excited to get up and head to his games. Logan is learning a lot and improving his basketball skills. His coaches are great and work very well with the kids on the team. Nathan and Owen are enjoying going to the games and watching all the action.

The other day we had no appointments. Yes, let me repeat that we had no appointments! So, to celebrate our day Nathan and Owen spent the day in their pjs.

Nathan and Owen got a very cute hand me down toy. They absolutely love it and with its multiple functions it is great for both speech and occupational therapy.Logan began taking my friend Amy's art class Tuesday nights at Dawson. He LOVES to paint and we are having the best time together. Here are a few pics of his last two paintings.The boys are now sporting their new gait trainer decorations.Logan absolutely loves taking piano lessons from Mrs. Molly. She is wonderful with him. He seems to have a lot of natural talent.
Medical Update:
-Owen is doing really well sleeping with his oxygen. I think it has made a big improvement in his ability to rest. He will have his MRI at Children's Hospital on the 2nd to rule out any other possibilities for his sleep apnea.
-Nathan and Owen had their first trip to the Dentist last week. Owen did not mind the dentist at all. His teeth look great and are very healthy. Nathan was not as fond of the dentist, mainly because his teeth are not healthy and are missing some enamel. They had to do some scraping on his teeth. Lots of premature babies have baby teeth that are not very healthy, so Nathan fits the mold. It is amazing how missing the 3rd trimester effects so many areas of their lives.
- Nathan had his legs botoxed yesterday. His leg muscles have become very tight and he is not able to straighten them all the way. The botox will allow those muscles to relax and others to strengthen allowing his legs to straighten. In order to capitalize on the botox he is now sleeping with leg braces and splints. He will also begin additional intense physical therapy for about 6 weeks. We are excited to see one of our PTs Katie again.

Mercedes Marathon Weekend
The Mercedes Marathon is approaching soon, February 11-12. It is one of the biggest fundraisers for The Bell Center (one of the places Nathan and Owen receive therapy). The weekend is full of fun activities. On Saturday morning their will be a 50 ft run for Bell Center students. Nathan and Owen will participate in the run and Logan will participate in some of the sibling runs. That evening we will have a special dinner at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame; Carbs for a Cause (all proceeds go to the Bell Center). If you want a good spaghetti dinner and support a great cause let me know because I have some tickets for sale. I will also be running the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday morning in support of Nathan and Owen.

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