Sunday, April 24, 2016

The boy the world did not see

Who was this boy?  Did he hold super powers to be invisible?  Did he ever venture out in to the world?  How could this boy be missed by the world?

He was an ordinary nine-year old boy.  He worked hard in school and did quite well.  He had many friends whom he enjoyed playing with often.  His favorite sport was swimming.  He loved to eat hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, broccoli, spinach, pizza, hamburgers and all the other yummy foods most kids enjoy.  He was active in church and looked forward to Sunday School, Wednesday night activities and the extra MIT retreats he could participate in with his Dad.  He loved reading the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.  He enjoyed writing a sequel to the last book of a series because he wanted to know just a little more about the story.  He loved his dogs: Charlie and Lucy O'Leary.

The love the boy had for people, especially those with special needs, was incredible.  He saw and understood the purpose God had in creating each of us.  To him, when someone did something a little differently it was beautiful.  He was always selfless, loving and helpful.  In this area his heart was so beautiful and pure.

So, how could this boy who was physically around others every day not be seen by the world?  You see, this boy had three siblings with special needs.  The world saw the three siblings, talked about the three siblings, praised the three siblings, gave goodies to the three siblings, wanted to bring others to see the three siblings, asked questions about the three siblings and prayed for the three siblings.  When out in public, whether the three siblings were present or not, they are the ones who are always the topic of conversation.  Being that the boy was only nine, this was very difficult for him. Why did no one see him, talk about him, praise him, give goodies to him, bring other to see him, ask about him or pray for him?

Hopefully one day he will be the boy the world does see.

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  1. I have always been in awe of him thru your stories. To me he is amazing in his caring. I'm sad he's felt invisible. And to write another chapter to a book he read? You know I LOVE that, being such an ardent reader myself. Love and kudos to all!