Sunday, February 28, 2016


Ranae and I enjoyed running the Mercedes 1/2 Marathon together and Logan enjoyed all the festivities from the race expo.
As always, it was literally below freezing 23 I needed to bundle up.
Logan's assigned book report was on George Washington Carver.  After he finishes the book we took a trip to Tuskeege to the George Washington Carver Museum.  He was a fascinating and incredible man.  I am so glad we spent the day learning even more about him.
On afternoons when it is nice outside, which equals about 60+ degrees we have "recess" in the backyard after school on days we aren't swimming or at therapy.  Karis had some static hair after jumping on the trampoline during "recess".
This girl loves her peanut butter sandwiches.  She needed an extra one as soon as we got home from school the other day.
Nathan love Luigi from Super Mario Bros.  I bought him a new lunch box with Luigi on it and he holds it all the way home from school pointing to Luigi.  This morning during breakfast he was using my phone and independently went to the safari app and typed Luigi in the search area.  It had only a few pictures of the Super Mario Bros Luigi so he typed "more Luigi" and got more pictures of the Super Mario Luigi.  He was happy!Nathan also loves to slide.  He cannot pass a slide without going on it.  This afternoon we went to the park Preston spent the at least one hour with him on the slide.  He also loves riding in the car.  He laughs and is excited the entire ride.  It is so fun to ride with him and hear his excited expressions.

Two weeks ago Owen had an appointment with his physiatrist, CP doctor.  I wanted to meet with him regarding Owen's loss of communication ability two years ago.  We had done a few test but not any in depth exploration of what may have caused or may continue to cause his lack of speaking.  CP is not a progressive disease, since it is from a traumatic birth, so it is a mystery as to why Owen does not talk anymore.  Preston and I got up early every morning for about 1 month to pray for this appointment.  We asked God to show the doctor the right path for Owen.  If Owen does not gain his communication skills back Preston and I are totally fine with it.  We love Owen just like he is and he brings such richness and love to our family.  But, we owe it to him to explore all we can to help him.  His doctor recommended we see a different neurologist than the one we had previously seen because he felt we would get more attention from the new doctor.  We are waiting for an appointment now.  Please pray we can get an appointment soon.  Owen's physiatrist also decided to take Owen off all his current medicine.  He was on three different medications, two of which are muscle relaxers.  He was getting an adult dose of one of them and was getting a muscle relaxer every couple of hours.  Owen has extremely high muscle tone and has always been stiff.  Missing a dose of a muscle relaxer was usually bad because he would curl up in a hard ball and cry.  Taking him off the medications seemed a little scary and exciting at the same time.  Owen has seen this doctor his entire life and I trust him.  Plus, I knew God was guiding him since we had prayed for this appointment for so long.  As we began the weaning process Owen was having a difficult time.  I spent three nights in his room massaging his entire body every time he woke up crying, which was six times per night.  But then Owen started getting better.  He only woke up two times a night, then one time for a couple of nights and last night he slept through the night!  He still has some moments of extreme tightness, but he always has.  This morning Preston brought Owen in to our bed as we prayed together.  I massaged his body and he completely stretch out flat...this never happens.  He was feeling so good.  When I massaged his feet I noticed something.  For Owen's entire life, when I massaged his feet it felt like bubble wrap.  There was constant popping all through the muscles in the bottom of his feet.  This morning they were completely smooth!  We still have 5 more days until Owen is completely weaned off his first medicine, but it is the toughest one to wean, which is why it went first.  I am really pleased with how he is doing.  We appreciate that so many people have been praying for him over the past week.  I believe he is doing so well because of those prayers.

Now for an update on Preston and I.  We are doing well...just busy with kids and work (for Preston).  We have a lot of travel planned in the next few months, which we are excited about.  In a few weeks I am traveling to Chicago.  I was asked to participate in a community counsel for the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine.  I have 1 1/2 days of meetings and then I am going to meet a cousin there and spend the day just having fun in Chicago together.  I am really excited!!!  Preston will spend a day in Houston for work the next week, but unfortunately he will not have any fun time.   Then for spring break Preston and I are taking Logan to China.  We are so excited to go back and visit our friends and area we used to live.  We are also excited to have some one on one time with Logan.  Logan having three special needs siblings takes a toll on him.  He is always so helpful and loving, as well as understanding knowing they need more of our time for feeding, dressing, etc.  We like to take him on a special trip just by himself for spring break every other year.  He is really excited!!  Preston was then asked to speak at a national conference out in San Francisco at the end of May.  This is right around the time of our 15th anniversary.  We are both going to head out there 4 to 5 days early to have a wonderful getaway...just the two of us.  Then, at the beginning of June we will head to Calcutta, India for a month.

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