Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Logan shopping for the foster care backpack drive at church. Each backpack contained a Bible, toy, pajamas, tooth brush and tooth paste.  They are given to foster parents as they pick up the foster child. Shades members filled 600 orders that went to Alabama Baptist, Lifeline and DHR.

Our family enjoying the rock wall.

Nathan had a new set of wheels.  He is really skilled and loves his new mobility.

Logan got out of school early this week, so we enjoyed lunch together at Zoes.

Karis received her own communication device.  She is doing really well with it.  She also started talking a few weeks ago.  For a child who has not communicated for 9 years, her vocabulary is exploding!!!

Preston and I out on a date.  First the company Christmas Party and then hot chocolate at Octane.

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  1. Love the way the family is growing! Who'd though Nathan would be the first to have wheels!!!! Go man, GO!!!