Sunday, August 30, 2015

Everyday life

We decided to celebrate Charlie's birthday last week.
One of our favorite meals in Equador was Taco night.  We got the group together and had taco night again.
Nathan and Owen had neuromotor clinic last week.  Owen had good weight gain but Nathan has not gained any in the last four months. I think it is because he is so active.  Both boys are getting new leg braces and Owen is getting some more stuff for his wheelchair.
Preston and Logan had a father/son date last Sunday.  They went to the mall and saw the Lego exhibition.
Logan and I got a special after school treat.

The Samford Ecuador construction team that came to help our work led convocation last Thursday.  I was able to attend.  It was awesome to hear the ways it worked so powerfully in the lives of those who came and worked with us.

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