Monday, August 4, 2014

Logan's 8th birthday

Today Logan turned 8!  Before we left we spent some time preparing for a special birthday for him in Ukraine.  Several friends and family sent cards to us that we brought with us.  We have hid these cards so Logan had no idea he was going to get them.  He was very excited to have something from so many people!  Thank you so much to so many people for helping him to have a special day.
 The other day Preston and I went to the market for some birthday decorations.  We were excited to find balloons that said happy birthday in Russian.

 Logan loves legos so Preston and I bought him a big lego set from one of the local toy stores.  He was so excited and spent all day putting it together.  Tomorrow we plan to play with the Golden Mech and the Temple of Light from Ninjago.

We spent some time playing at the park.

 We let Logan pick out his birthday cake at a local bakery.

 The candles say Happy Birthday.

 This is Logan's finished temple of light.
 Big House and Logan enjoyed using their noise makers.

 Tonight we went out to dinner for Logan's birthday.  He choose a great restaurant, Parmesan. Our apartment owners, Nick and Mela and their 19 year old son, Kola, joined us for dinner.  Logan arrived to the restaurant in style.
 Nick, Mela and Kola brought Logan balloons, cake and a present.  We had a fabulous dinner together!

 Here is a picture of the sunset on the way home.

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