Friday, July 4, 2014

Thursday and Friday

Thursday we took a 9 1/2 hour drive to southwest Ukraine to a little town named Ismail.  The countryside was beautiful.  After the long car ride all the boys were tired and took a nap.
 There are sunflower fields everywhere!!!  It is so beautiful to see the bright gold fields from a distance.

 In stark contrast to Kiev are the the more remote areas of the country.  The roads are really bumpy and it has added literally hours to our journeys.

After a 3 hour journey, which we thought would be about 45 minutes, we made it to the town where Karis is now living.  We first went to the adoption inspectors office and met with her.  After some paperwork she got in the car with us and we all headed to the orphanage.  We met with the director, his assistant, adoption inspector, our facilitator and us.  After finding out some background information on her he made a phone call and she came walking in to the room.  It was so awesome and it just seemed unreal.  Preston was closest to the door and she gave him several hugs, shook our hands, played hand games with us, head-shoulders-knees-and toes, opened the gift from us and just smiled and laughed.  We stayed about 25 minutes with her and drove the adoption inspector back to her office.  We will go back again on Monday to spend time with her.  We are allowed 3 hours per day in the orphanage with her.  If all goes well with paperwork she will be official ours in about 5 weeks and we will be back home in about 7 weeks.  We will not be posting any pictures of her until our court date, when she officially becomes a Hite.

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