Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Documents on their way to Kiev

Thanks for all your prayers!  We received our documents yesterday from the town social worker.  Our facilitator is on his way to Kiev today with the paperwork.  He will go to the Department of Families and Children Wednesday to submit our paperwork.  This is another big area for prayer.  Many times the DFC will only accept 3 or 4 adoption petitions a day. They are only open for submissions Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11-1. Lately they have also been very picky about wording causing the town social workers to redo their work adding a week or two delay on to the adoption process.  Also, they are now legally allowed to take 4 weeks instead of the previously allowed 2 weeks for processing.  So, please pray they accept our petition to adopt the first time and willl process it within 2 weeks.

We are also in a 3 week waiting period until we can see Karis again.  Her orphanage closes and all the kids go to the Black Sea for camp now.  We will definitely miss seeing her but are glad she has the opportunity to spend some fun times with her friends before coming back with us.  Yesterday she had to hug and kiss Preston and I four times before we left.  The orphanage director told us she waits for us to come and play with her every day.  We told her yesterday that we would not be at camp but would be back to see her as soon as she returned.  So, for the next few weeks we are just spending time hanging out at our apartment and doing some activities (playground, beach, etc) in Izmail.  This is also giving Preston a lot of time to work.

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