Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A few more visits

So far this week we have had two more visits and plan on having three more.  On Monday we played in the social worker's office with her.  She enjoyed the small gift we brought her.  We never really did the activity because she was more interested in preserving it in its original state that putting it together.  She wanted to show us all of the pieces of it and smile.  She loves to give us hugs and she likes to pick us up and hold her.  By the end she was comfortable enough with us to pretend we were dogs and cats playing.  Yesterday we went outside and played with her.  For a while she just wanted to sit on a bench and with us.  Then we all played together on the teater-totter, climbed on some playground equipment and chased each other around.  She seemed to have a great time while we were doing it.  Today we are bringing Logan with us to meet her and will probably take him with us the rest of the week.  We are excited to see them together.

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