Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Full Day in Kiev

This was our first full day in Kiev.  We had varied wake up times do to jet lag.  Nathan and Preston 1:30, Me 3:30, Preston napping in the living room 5:00-7:30, Owen awake 7:15, Cheryl 7:45 and Logan 9:15.  Our lights were working this morning but do to a problem with the alternating power in the power grid none of our outlets were working.  Things got fixed around 10:00 and we got out the door by 11:00.  

 For this part of the trip Owen, Logan and I are sharing a queen bed.  Logan and Owen love being together.
 Since Nathan was up so early, he slept most of our 11:00 am walk.
 Today we just strolled through the market but soon we will go through there and purchase some goodies.  Once really nice thing about Ukraine is they eat organic, no preservatives, no fillers, etc in all of their food.

 Logan had a huge stick of cotton candy this afternoon.

 The is Kiev University.

St Vloydymyr Church.

Logan, Nathan and Owen had lunch at McDonalds.
We brought theirs next door to a little cafe where Preston, Cheryl and I had lunch.
The elevator in our building is so small only one stroller and one person can fit at a time and the stroller has to be picked up on its front wheels.  Of course Nathan thinks this is one of the greatest things ever!
We have the top balcony.

Independence Square.

Preston and Owen leading the way with our directions.

A fun park we stubbled upon.
Nathan and Owen loved the swings.
Logan quickly made friends.  He is on the teeter totter with three girls.
House of Chimeras.

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  1. Looks like y'all are having a wonderful time so far. Love the picture of the boys in the bed!! Prayers!