Thursday, May 1, 2014

busy having fun

Everything is going well here.  We are busy having fun.  This past Sunday was Logan's piano recital.   He did a great job.  The two pieces he played were Lonely Pine and the Star War's Main Theme.

 Logan with his piano teacher, Miss Molly!  She is a fantastic teacher and Logan LOVES her.  We are very thankful for Miss Molly!!!

 This week Mason and Makala came over to play.  The little guys absolutely loved playing in the ball pit together.
 This was the awesome scene I came down stairs to see after bathing Nathan.  I just love seeing the boys play so well together.

We were so excited to have the Hays family here playing with us this week.  Nathan and Jovi were playing so well together.  Nathan was being a little ham and as soon as he saw the camera he decided he would rather smile than play...this is not characteristic of him.

 Owen is enjoying some tummy time.
Owen enjoyed watching his cousin's soccer game.
Logan cooling off while watching the game.

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