Friday, April 4, 2014

The 2nd half of Spring Break

After returning from our trip to New York we headed to Auburn the next morning for a conference Preston was attending.  As soon as he finished with his afternoon sessions we headed to Atlanta in anticipation of this arrival.

 Everyone loved meeting Hosanna.  Logan said it was the best part of his entire spring break!

For lunch Friday we ate at Toomer's Corner.  All the boys tried the lemon aid.  Owen loved it.  We bought a gallon to bring home for him.  He has been enjoying some every day.

 We all enjoyed walking around campus together one evening.  We were even able to go into my old dorm.

 We were able to find a hotel with an indoor pool.  We enjoyed swimming together while Preston was in meetings.

So, this picture did not happen during spring break but I thought it was cute and wanted to include it. Nathan loves writing his name so much.

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