Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dossier in Ukraine

Just 5 months and 3 days ago we submitted our application for adoption.  Initially we thought it would take us about 18 months so we were shooting for summer of 2015.  We really wanted to go over a summer (for the boys schooling and Preston's job) since we need to be there for 60 days.  At our first meeting with our social workers we learned that Ukraine can move more quickly since the matching process takes place in country and all the post matching paperwork will take place there.  They told us of a couple who just completed the process in 8 months...a little more quickly than normal.  We decided to hit the ground running and see if we could complete everything to send our dossier to Ukraine to travel by this summer.  We had several nights staying up really late working on tons of paperwork and going through the hours and hours of education.  I am excited to say that today  we sent our dossier to the Ukraine.  Now we just wait for the Ukraine to send us a travel date.  The date should be for some time this summer.  We are really excited!

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