Monday, March 17, 2014

adoption update/prayer request, surprise trip, welcoming a very speciallady to the Bowden family and more

We have a very exciting next two weeks ahead of us....very busy but very exciting.

Let's start with prayer request.  On Wednesday I have my doctor appointment for the dossier.  Just pray everything goes smoothly, mainly with the doctor filling out all the paper work in a timely manner.  On Thursday I have my immigration fingerprints again.  They were not good enough last time, so I have to do them again.  Please pray they will take this time and for the person doing them to have the patients to keep trying until he gets them right.

Now for the fun things: tomorrow I will be on a field trip at the zoo with Nathan and Owen.  I know we will all have a blast!  A week from Thursday, the 27th, we will be in Atlanta welcoming and meeting our friends', Jennifer and Michael, daughter Hosanna.  We are so excited!!!!  Another exciting date is this Friday, the 21st.  We are signing all of our dossier paperwork!!  That seems like a big moment too.

Preston and I have decided to take one child per year on a SURPRISE trip just for them.  This will be in addition to our family vacations and our summer mission work.  We just thought it would be great bonding time for each child.  Our first trip will begin this Friday night.  This trip will last until Tuesday. You will have to stay tuned to see who is going this year and where it will be.  A few ideas thrown around are Owen to an NBA basketball game, Nathan to the CN Tower in Toranto to ride the elevator numerous times, Logan to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Nathan to the Golden Gate Bridge to drive on it and the San Francisco hills over and over, Owen to Disneyland, Logan to the Statue of Liberty, Owen to a Major League Baseball spring training game in Florida, Logan to Big Ben and Nathan to Seattle, WA seaport to see all the boats and cranes receiving and sending out their big international shipments.

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