Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Week

We are totally back in the swing of things with school, therapy and doctor appointments.  I already miss the days of Christmas vacation and delayed start.  I do get an extra bonus and have all my children with me tomorrow for MLK.

Owen saw his physiatrist on Thursday.  They botoxed his hamstring.  Now it looks smooth and lush and he is ready for his leg modeling career. Okay, in all seriousness they Botox muscles that are very, very tight in order to "freeze" the muscle for a while and allow the other muscles around it to grow stronger.  Once the Botox wears off the hope is the other muscles are stronger and the strength of all the muscles is more balanced, making the hamstring less dominate and stiff.  We also talked a lot about Owen's digression in communication, mobility and movement. These are not normal for children with CP so the doctor sent Owen for a CT Scan to see if there are any new brain abnormalities.  He is also scheduled to see his neurologist in a few weeks and will also have an EEG performed to see if he is possibly having seizures.  Owen is still amazing and awesome and still talking, just not communicating on the level he was before.  Last night we were all watching the movie Planes.  Preston, Logan and I started having a conversation after a few minutes Owen looked over at us and very clearly said "be quiet".

We have had a good week of adoption progress.  We attended a two day training course that was phenomenal.  We learned so much about adopted children and raising them has to look different than biological children because of their traumatic past.  We learned many great techniques of coping with different situations, etc.  We also just learned so many great things about parenting in general that we are already applying with Logan, Nathan and Owen...and wow they really work!  Of course we had a great team of babysitters!  Olivia, Nathan and Owen's good friend Mason's Mom, brought all the boys home from school and watched them here until dinner time.  She did a great I knew she would...and her daughter Makala was a great helper.  Logan spent Friday afternoon with our carpool friends, the Boxes.  Preston's cousin Michele drove in Friday night and watched the boys all day Saturday (training from 8-5) and the Cooks took Logan to his basketball game on Saturday.  We are so thankful for such great family and friends to help out.  We learned, our first several weeks home with Karis will look different than the traditional bringing a baby home.  We will spend lots of time at home alone with her at first as she gets used to us and learns she needs to depend on her parents for her needs and attaches to us.  Once she attaches family and friends will then be introduced in to her life slowly.  I will put up information on how that transition will work soon and then a reminder closer to time.  This has everything to do with her transition to our family and nothing personal against any family or friend.

Nathan and Logan are doing really well.  Nathan continues to eat well and has his allergy test this Thursday.  I dread the pain he will go through but am excited to know what all he is allergic to and to what degree.  This will better help us meet his needs.  Logan is daily amazing me at how mature he is getting.  He is so excited and eager to help with his brothers and truly knows what they need.  The other day he was so encouraging of my Mario Kart skills (and they are pathetic).  All of my children are such a joy and blessing and I am honored to be their mother.

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