Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fun Snow Day

After yesterday's stressful day we all enjoyed a relaxing day at home.  My Mom is still with us, as it would be impossible for her to get home.  Logan spent most of the day outside, only coming in for lunch and a change of clothes.  Without proper snow gear clothes can get really wet and cold quickly.

 Our yard was a fun place for some of the neighborhood kids to hang out.  I love it when Logan has so many great kids to play with outside.

 We took Nathan and Owen outside to play in the snow.  Let's just say Nathan and Owen were not fans.  Owen is not even laying touching the snow and he was still very unhappy!

 One of Logan's pair of pants were so frozen they could stand up on their own.

 In order to thaw out the boys played some Mario Kart.  These two are really concentrating.
 This is the road down the hill from our neighborhood.  My Mom's car is in a parking lot of a business at the bottom of the hill.  The wreck/pile-up/abandoned cars went on for quite a while.  I just stopped walking down there taking photos because I felt pretty awkward taking photos when so many people were dealing with their crashed/stuck/out of gas, etc cars.  None of these cars are moving.

 This is a few photos of our backyard in the snow.

We had a great day and were glad to all be together.  Tomorrow my Mom is planning to try and make it home and Preston is hoping to get to work, though he worked a lot from home today.  The boys and I will be hanging tight as school, therapy and basketball practice have all been canceled.  Not sure what Friday will bring but I do know the schools will make good decisions with the kids best interest in mind.

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