Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fun, Fun and More Fun

The word of the day was fun!  This morning Logan played a great basketball game.  After each game they receive a star.  Each star is a different color and recognizes something they did well in the game.  Logan received the gold star for sportsmanship.  He got hit in the head but brushed it off, did not get upset with anyone and started playing again.

Immediately after our post game pow-wow we headed to the BJCC to see the circus.  We were joined by two of the boys teachers Mrs Mary Jo and Miss Katie.  We all had a great time together!

After a late lunch and nap for Nathan and Owen we traveled just down the road to Samford to cheer on the Westminster Knights Varisty Boys Basketball Team in their Homecomming game.  They boys dominated and won 61-29.  Logan had a great job cheering on the sidelines and having fun with his friends.

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