Friday, December 20, 2013

... a few new things...

A few random things have occurred this week in terms of the adoption and the boys.

Adoption: I had my interview as step two of our home study.  The interview went well.  I really enjoy everyone we work with at Lifeline.  They are so friendly and relaxed about things that it is easy to enjoy every step of the process.  Preston will turn in his autobiography soon and then will have his interview scheduled.  We also have about 10 hours of training on line, medical forms and a few other things to do and then we will be done with the home study part of our journey.  As another part of our adoption we will attend a 1 1/2 class at Lifeline on adopting an international/older/medical special needs child.  We are able to attend the next class they offer which is in January.  I feel things are moving along well.  It is a long process with many unknowns and much waiting on the government for paperwork but right now we are trying to be as diligent as possible in getting our part of things done in a timely manner.

Nathan: About two weeks ago Nathan started gagging and throwing up a lot.  He was doing this almost once a day.  He was also throwing up hours after meal time usually when he was laying down or just woken up from resting.  We figured his gag was supper sensitive and we needed to back off on the textures and only give him really pureed food for a while.  He did not act sick at all or run a fever. One of the things we felt was good for him was banana/almond or peanut butter/greek yogurt.  It was there should not be any gagging and packed with lots of nutrition.  This is something he has always seemed to enjoy. So finally after the week, Preston and I looked over everything Nathan had been eating and wondered if he was allergic to peanut butter.  (now with Logan being allergic when he was little I was very diligent to test Nathan in small amounts before giving him any.  I was looking for the same reaction that Logan produced...hard time breathing, cold type symptoms, rash with  dry skin...none of those were there).  Now that we have taken the peanut butter out of his diet he has not thrown up or gagged since.  I am even going a step further and wondering if he has also been allergic to the almond butter (just not as severe as the peanut butter) and was having problems digesting it and it closing his throat all along...thus making him gag on most of his other food.  I am guessing this is a big reason why he has such problems eating.  So, I am going to be making an appointment for Nathan at the allergist to have him tested to see what all he is allergic to and to what degree so we can move on from there.

Logan: today is his Christmas party at school.  He is really excited to have two weeks off and for all the fun things we have planned.  He had the best planet book at school so he won an entire Styrofoam solar system.  He was so excited.  We put all the planets in orbit yesterday around the sun using straws.  Once it is painted I will put a picture of it up on the blog.

Owen: he seems to be having some set backs in terms of speech and emotional connection with others.  We are wondering if it has something to do with some medication he was put on a few months ago.  Preston went on line and read some of the side effects and they seem to be what Owen is experiencing.  We are going to reduce his dosage and see if this helps him.  Please pray for Owen as we all want his spunky, feisty, personality back.

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