Friday, December 27, 2013

Eligibility for Friendship

Should the differences among people rank their eligiblity for friendship?  Should some groups of people be seen by society as less desirable?  If someone, let alone someone famous, befriends them...should it be a big news story?  Should we all cheer for the one who befriends them labeling it a touching story?

I have heard from many people about touching stories of people befriending a kid with CP.  Funny thing is I don't hear any touching stories of typical people becoming friends.  Am a supposed to rejoice that someone would "stoop down to the level of someone with CP"?  Am I supposed to see my children as less than desirable?  No!  Instead of praising someone else for making friends with someone who is different; go out and make friends with someone different.  You will probably find out it is one of the biggest blessings of your life.

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  1. excellent post. i read this a few months ago and thought about it multiple times since. thank you- much needed. as a mom with a child with special needs, i greatly appreciate this.