Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Vacation Day 1

We are really enjoying our weekend at the Watts house!  The cousins are all having fun together.
 Ranae and I went for our first run together!

 Preston and Logan spent hours jumping on the trampoline.
 Owen enjoyed some time with Aunt Nae Nae
 We enjoyed opening our Christmas gifts together.  We will see the Watts on Christmas Day but this way they will have less they need to bring back to Enterprise and the kids enjoyed playing with their new toys.

 Nathan got a mailbox.  He loves it.  Open and close, take in and out the mail.  Endless fun!
 Owen is looking forward to enjoying his two new movies!
 Logan received an angry birds star wars game.

 As a family ter-dition we always turn everything that says Noel to saying Leon.  Way to go Preston in going in on the family ted-ditions!!!
 Nathan and Cooper enjoyed playing the the new mailbox together.
 Logan and Uncle Philip always have a great time together.

Later in the evening we ventured to the Holiday Park near by.  We had an awesome time together.  The lights were magnificent.

 Beautiful chapel.
 Owen eating his first S'more.  He decided he likes the graham crackers better without the chocolate and marshmallow.  He loved lots of graham crackers.

 Logan LOVED roasting the marshmallows.  He did some for everyone.  He then decided he loved watching them burn up in the fire.  About 8 marshmallows went up in flames for his enjoyment.
 Cooper and Aunt Nae Nae joined in the fun.

 Of course, uncle Philip was there right beside Logan the entire time roasting marshmallows.
 The view from the entrance.
 Logan bowing down to the baby Jesus in the manger.

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