Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day visiting family and celebrating the birth of our Savior.

The boys very excited to open his presents from Santa.


 Nathan's favorite part was pointing to the letters in his name.  He would do this at least 10 times on each gift before we would open it.

 Logan also received a letter from Santa.

 Big House and DiDi joined us!  We had a wonderful time with them.
 The boys really enjoyed their big family present from Santa.

 Logan loves rain boots.  His last pair had holes in, Preston and I got him some new ones for Christmas.  I think he will be wearing these every day until we go back to school.
 DiDi and Big House giving Logan his Christmas gift.  A telescope.  Logan is so excited!
 The boys did not want to get out of the ball pit!
 Christmas morning breakfast.

 4 generations of Hites! (Nathan and Owen were napping while we took these pictures.)

 Preston's cousin Michele with Nathan.  She loves the boys and is so amazing with them.
 Cooper and Logan pretending to be in a cage, while under the kitchen table.

 Opening presents at Oma's.
 Philip, Ranae and Bella.

 Special treat from Oma.
 Nathan was NOT interested in wearing that Santa hat.
 Owen's special Mickey Santa hat.  He loves it!
 Nathan and Aunt Nae Nae spending time together.
 Logan with his new angry birds star wars game.

 Oma, PaPa and Owen spending quality time together.

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