Friday, October 11, 2013

Fair Trade Follow-up

 There was a lot of interest in my past entry, "Everything I am for your kingdom's cause".  If you would like to reference that blog entry just click here.

Here are some pictures of the garmet factory workers living conditions.  Behind each of these doors is a small dark room housing 4 girls.  There is a bed, large enough for 3, so the girls take turns sleeping on the concrete floor.  Besides the bed the girls have a hot plate to cook on and a small plastic shelf for all their possessions.

After observing these conditions first hand and meeting the sweet girls who live here our family decided to start buying as many fair trade items as possible.  There are several online clothing sites that have fair trade clothing like Fair Indigo.  Coffees, teas, oils, etc can all be bought fair trade too.  These things are pretty easy to find if you look just a little.

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