Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sports Saturday

If you live in the South most Saturdays in the fall are full of sports.  Owen could not be more pleased.  The morning was filled with Logan's soccer game.
In the afternoon we met some good friends at Samford for the football game. (Now that Preston is teaching there we plan on attending many sports events.)
Owen is very serious about his football watching and did not want me in the way trying to get a picture.
Logan, along with 15+ other children spent the majority of the game sliding down the hill on cardboard (I even gave it a try once).
(Logan has on the red shirt and blue hat)
Let's just say all that fun made him a little dirty.
We came home for Logan to shower before we did anything else.

Nathan has a cold and did not feel well enough to sit in the sun for 3 1/2 hours during the game.  My parents offered to babysit him for the afternoon and he really enjoyed his time with them.

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