Monday, August 5, 2013

Logan's birthday

Logan turned 7 on Sunday.  Saturday morning we had a Star Wars themed party at Dawson.  He had tons of fun playing with family and friends.  Preston made a star destroyer cake that was enjoyed by all along with light saber pretzels, Hans Solo rolos, Jabba grub, thermal detonators and Yoda soda.  The children (and adults too) enjoyed light saber training, basketball and playing in the game room. (I will post pictures soon.  I have not had a chance to download pictures from my camera yet.)

Soon after the party we secretly packed our rental van for the surprise portion of Logan's birthday.  When Preston came home with the rental van ("for his work trip") Logan wanted to take a ride in it.  So when we got in Saturday afternoon he thought we were going for a spin around town.  When we got to Montgomery he was starting to get tired of the car ride. He then had the idea for us to spend the night in a hotel.  He was so excited when we said yes.  I told him Preston knew of a great one with a really cool pool.  He was excited but by the time we got to Dothan he was ready for the hotel.  When we told him we had about 360 miles left he said he could stay awake for the 300 but may fall asleep for the last 60.

We arrived at our hotel and our room overlooks the pool. 
He was definitely excited with the pool and definitely thought Preston knew of a cool one.

The next morning at breakfast Logan asked if we could do a park along with the pool.  We told him we knew just the park.  We drove to Disney.  When he saw  the big Disney sign he was so excited!!  We boarded the monorail and headed to Magic Kingdom for the day.  The Magic Kingdom was amazing.  Logan's new favorite is Splash Mountain and he was able to ride it 4 times.  He also bravely rode Space Mountain twice along with Thunder Mountain,  Dumbo, the little mermaid, the Monsters Inc laugh floor, Goofy's Barnstormer, the Toy Story ride and too many others to remember.  We also enjoyed meeting Donald, Goofy, Mini and Daisy.  Most of my pictures are still on my camera but here are a few I took with my phone.

Nathan took the announcement to hold on very seriously.
Owen was asleep less than 5 minutes after w got in to the car.

We had an amazing day!

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